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BeadSale.com is owned & operated by Bead Sale, LLC.

Bead Sale, LLC is a direct importer of Mardi Gras beads, decorations, masks, dolls, and other party supplies.  We buy merchandise overseas and sell it direct to you, our customers, online. No middleman means you enjoy the benefit of significantly lower prices.

Experience and Control

While the online store is a fairly new venture for us, we have been selling Mardi Gras beads and other party supplies in brick-and-mortar stores for over 15 years!  We have the much-needed experience to run a retail operation.

In addition to experience, we also have complete control.  Our entire online store was built in our offices by our owners.  It is maintained by us, and all orders will ship to you directly from our on-site warehouse. 

Your Mardi Gras

We are based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana -- a mere sixty miles away from the "Greatest free show on Earth" (New Orleans' Mardi Gras).  However, Mardi Gras is heavily celebrated all around us throughout South Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama.  Every city and region has its own Mardi Gras customs and traditions, and we try to know them all.

One of the great parades here in Baton Rouge is held in the "Spanish Town" area of the city, and is named the same.  If you search for those words in our online store you will notice that we have created custom beads and flags featuring the mascot of this parade, a Pink Flamingo.  We can do the same with your logo, if you like. (Visit our custom beads page)

Of course, beads are not just used at Mardi Gras. We have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day parade here in Baton Rouge, complete with green & white beads as far as you can see.  Beads are also becoming popular for theme parties, sporting events, and any other time people are letting the good times roll!

Which beads will your event feature?

We Want Your Business

If ever you have a special request, problem, question or concern, please don't hesitate to let us know.  We will happily do everything we can to earn your business.

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